There is a horrific truth that defines our existential dilemma: as finite beings we are forever doomed to insufficient knowledge, to suffering, and to death. Given that the bare brutal facts of existence is enough to make us pathological, it is hard to escape the feeling that life is ultimately meaningless. Yet we go on in spite of this feeling. Not only do we go on, but as a species we have argued passionately about the best ways to live and how to bring about societies that will reduce suffering for all. This has led us to grip with some of the deepest questions known to man:

What is morality?

How ought we live?

Why live at all?

How should government be constituted?

What is human nature?

Is there a God?

These are questions that have been mulled over for centuries and have led to some truly outstanding answers. This blog is dedicated to delving into such answers and explaining them to an audience that may not be familiar with such attempts. To do this, I will be reading a variety of authors from different fields. This will involve tackling great minds such as Kant, Hayek, Dostoevesky, Hume, Spinoza, Mill, Jung, Freud, Becker, Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, Arendt, Orwell, Campbell, Russell, James, Camus, Sartre, Kierkegaard, Rogers, and so on.

I am not claiming that I know these authors in depth or the answer to these questions. This blog is not only a platform to introduce ideas, but to force me to understand these ideas in such a way that I can disseminate them accurately and attempt to come up with my own answers. I hope this site can be educational, for myself and for others. I do not want it to be propagandist and obnoxiously ideological. I’ll try to stick to Mill’s dictum that if one only knows one side of an argument then one has no reason to believe it to be superior to the counter argument.